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Venus and Serena Williams' Amazing Tennis Careers

Williams Sisters' Tennis Career

The Williams Sisters Phenomenal Story

Venus and Serena Williams are considered two of history’s greatest tennis players. Venus Williams is a four-time gold medalist at the Olympics and a seven-time Grand Slam winner. Her sister, Serena Williams, is a twenty-time Grand Slam winner who holds multiple Olympic medals.

Since a young age, the sisters were encouraged to pursue tennis. Their father took them to the courts every day for hours. He coached them based on what he had learned from tennis books and DVDs.

The two grew up in an active gang neighborhood. They’ve often recalled how their parents moved them there with the intention of showing them what would happen if they didn’t get a good education and career. While their childhoods were tough, the practice and all that came with it paid off.

After the duo became incredibly successful players, they lived in a luxurious mansion for nearly twelve years before the two parted ways. While still close friends and great players, the two have each found their own paths to success.

Over the years, the two slowly climbed the ladder to success. During the 90s, Venus ranked 205 on the charts, before jumping up to 216 the following year. Her sister, Serena, made it to 99 in 1997, when Venus hit 22. They both ranked 5 in 1998, until Venus went to 3 in 1999 and Serena to 4. In 2000, Venus stayed at 3 while Serena jumped up to number 6. They both remained in their respective places during 2001, until 2002 when Serena hit number 1 and Venus number 2.

The following years brought them even more success, with 2003 putting Venus at 11 and Serena at 3. 2004 ranked Venus at 9 while Serena went up to 7, and in 2005 Venus ranked 10 while Serena ranked 11. In 2006, there rankings dropped to 46 and 95 before they climbed back up to 8 and 7 in 2007. In 2008, Venus hit 6 while Serena held 1, and in 2010 they ranked at 5 and 4.

In 2011, Venus hit 102 while Serena hit 12, and the few years to follow continued having a wide gap between the two. 2012 put Venus at 24 while Serena held at 3, and Venus hit 49 and 18 over the next couple years while Serena stayed put at number 1.

They’ve both achieved the number 1 ranking in both singles and doubles, and with both holding multiple Olympic medals; no one doubts their competitiveness and talent. Venus, who holds 46 women’s singles titles, is considered one of the greatest players in history, but her sister Serena holds 67. The two have admitted that while they are both very competitive with the game, they never get jealous of each other’s accomplishments and are always there to cheer each other on.

Venus and Serena have said that when one of them win, they both feel like champions. The two have trained together their entire lives, and clearly have a close bond. When not on the court, they spend much of their time together training or simply hanging out, proving their relationship is very strong.

Venus holds 21 Women’s doubles titles, while Serena holds 22. Serena also holds 20 Grand Slam titles, with Venus holding 7. Since they started playing as toddlers, the two sisters have not only grown incredibly close on the court, they say that they are definitely life-long friends.

The Williams sisters are perhaps two of the best players today, and their amazing number of titles proves it. Even though the two parted ways a few years ago and now live separately, they visit each other frequently to practice and play some friendly games.

While the two chose not to participate in doubles at their most recent tournament for reasons unknown, it’s obvious the two are still very close, and their singles performances prove they’re still on top of their game.
The two sisters have often been called the greatest female duo to ever compete in tennis, and fans agree. Many have complimented the sisters on their sportsmanship and sheer talent, which they both accredit to their father and his long hours spent with them on the rough tennis court in their neighborhood.

While they may have grown up in a bad area, the Williams sisters have admitted they’re happy that their father took the opportunity to teach them about life’s hardships, and have often said that the memories of practicing on the court as children with their dad as their coach is what drives them to continue competing. 

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