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DISH International Programming

Dish Network International Programming

Dish Network is the home for International programming. This is a service that meets the needs and budgets of the entire family. Since the needs vary from one home to the next, Dish Network has created several different programming packages so that every household can have the kind of entertainment it wants. You can get one of these packages, or combine them with other packages so that you can get an even wider variety of relevant and entertaining shows, movies and sports.

DISH International Basic Package

For those that want to stay in touch with what goes on around the world but need it in a language they understand, Dish provides the International Basic package. This package has up to 20 different channels that speak in English as they show off the rest of the world. These channels can help interested viewers get the latest news, cultural events, music and movies from around the world, all in a language they can understand.

DISH Chinese Basic Package

Dish also offers the Chinese Basic package, with over 18 channels that provide content the entire family can appreciate. This package is economically priced and is easily affordable by most households. Dish Network International Television

For those that want to get a bit of home delivered to their residence in the United States, international programming that shows the latest in International television can be the best way to do it. But finding truly international programming can be a problem. It can also be a problem to find international programming with the right variety of programming.

DISH Latino Packages

Dish offers the Latino packages:

DishLatino Dos has more than 225 channels with channels like Fox Soccer, Lifetime and Nickelodeon. DishLatino Max has over 265 channels that include ESPN, History and Disney Channel. These packages offer the kind of International programming that can satisfy cravings and keep the children and adults in the home educated on what is happening in the rest of the world.

Dish Network International Channels

Dish currently offers some of these programming packages with a free upgrade to The Hopper, the latest in Dish HD-DVR technology. The Hopper can store up to 500 hours of HD programming and play different shows in different rooms. It can also help locate the remote and keep children off the adult programming with Parental Controls.

If you are looking for International programming your entire family can enjoy, check into the programming packages that Dish makes available at family-friendly prices. This programming can be combined with other packages to give the home a complete programming selection everyone can enjoy. Other exciting features and services come with programming packages from Dish, like the thousands of On Demand and Pay Per View selections Dish offers. Dish also provides Blockbuster@Home and free HD for life. With one provider, you can get the programming and affordable pricing you want, even if you want International programming choices. Find out what Dish can do for you.