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Here's The Dish Hopper HD DVR

Dish Network Equipment Offers

The Hopper is the newest HD-DVR developed by Dish Network. It is called the Hopper Whole-Home HD-DVR because it can provide programming entertainment for up to six rooms in your home at one time. This means more fun for the children and the adults in the house and less time spent figuring out who is watching what. This can be done with the help of a Joey.

The Joey is only for use with the Hopper or Hopper with Sling and you can use up to four Joeys to connect up to four different TVs on a single Hopper. You don't have to worry about the Joey taking up any extra space. It can conveniently fit into a cabinet or slide in behind the television set.

Hopper Offers Amazing Features

The Hopper has DVR functionality which means you can still fast forward, rewind and pause through your programming, whether it's a game, a show, a movie or something from the Pay Per View menu. The Hopper also provides Parental Controls so that you can breathe easier, even when you are not at home. Use them to block programming on your programming package and the programming you have recorded to your Hopper. This device is as versatile as your family needs it to be, no matter how many different age groups there are in your home.

Dish Network HD-DVR Offers With the Hopper, you can access your On Demand services from your television without an internet connection. There are more than 15,000 On Demand titles to choose from, leaving you with more than enough to entertain your family with. This means less money spent trying to please everyone at the theater or movie rental store. It also allows you to skip over annoying commercials on channels like ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC with the use of the PrimeTime Anytime feature.

If you use the Hopper with Sling, you can get everything that comes with the Hopper, plus the benefit of watching your programming from any location. This includes all of your recordings, the more than 15,000 On Demand selections and all of the channels from your programming package. You can even transfer your recorded programming to your tablet for no additional charge. The Hopper with Sling also allows you to schedule recordings on your DVR from any location that has internet or Wi-Fi access.

Imagine sitting in the break room at lunch and watching the premier you've wanted to see of that exciting new drama or comedy. Or, imagine catching up on some of your soaps without the children tapping on your arm every five minutes. That's the kind of convenience and quality that Dish Network is able to provide with the Hopper and Hopper with Sling.