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DISH Blockbuster@Home

Dish Network Blockbuster@Home

Dish Network is now offering Blockbuster services to provide its customers with some phenomenal deals and programming options. With Blockbuster, Dish customers have an even larger library for games, movies and shows that is available whenever they are. This service is called Blockbuster@Home and it provides more than 20 movie channels, including Cinema, STARZ, Palladia, Sony Movie Channel, EPIX and more. What could you do with all those movies and anytime access to all of those additional channels?

Dish can offer these services free for the first three months because Dish bought Blockbuster. This purchase means more bundled fun for the family on an expensive monthly budget. Get two services- television programming and movies- in a single bill, through a single provider, and never be bored at home, again. One bill can provide hours of entertainment that still fit conveniently into your monthly entertainment budget. No other home programming provider can boast of such a large programming selection or provide such an extensive collection of movies from such a large selection of genres.

You can enjoy the Blockbuster@Home service with a selection of programming packages that can meet the programming needs of everyone in your family, as well as the limits on your monthly entertainment budget.

Dish Network Movies @ Home

There are several ways you can use the Blockbuster@Home service.

If you have The Hopper, the latest innovation in HD-DVR technology from Dish, you can even take your movies and other programming on the road with you. Watch them on your lunch break, while you are car-pooling or on a sunny day in the park. You don't have to get stuck with nothing to do. The best part is that even when you don't have a Wi-Fi connection available, you can still watch them. Just download your selection before you leave home and it is there waiting on you when you are ready to watch it. You can have your movies for free for the next three months and pay only a minimal amount for such a great service after that. With the Hopper, you have online access to everything you would have at home.

Minimal monthly fees, coupled with a wide HD selection and quality services, can help you save money by providing everything your family needs at home. This is that extra something you needed for a complete home viewing package.

Imagine what your family could do with access to hundreds of thousands of movies anytime they want to watch them. Imagine how much that can help you save on movie rentals and out-of-home entertainment. Try it one time and you will see for yourself just how convenient and affordable Blockbuster@Home really is! Dish Network Satellite TV is the best in the business.